5125 Castleguard High Solid Floor Finish 18.9L/cs

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5125 Castleguard High Solid Floor Finish 18.9L/cs



High Solids Metal Interlock Finish

Castleguard is specifically formulated to counter the high labor costs associated with hard floor care. It is non-yellowing and non-powdering, which extends your strip cycles and saves labor hours. Castleguard is extremely durable and resists scuff marks. Your floors will look great month after month, even with extremely heavy traffic.

One coat of Castleguard equals two coats of most conventional floor finishes. You may apply Castleguard to virtually all hard floor surfaces for years of beauty and protection beyond your expectations. Its exceptional depth of gloss brings out the hidden beauty of your floors with a “wet look”, and its slip-resistant surface promotes safety. See for yourself why supermarkets, retail stores, hospitals, schools and building service contractors call Castleguard the “best floor finish in the world.”

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Castleguard5125CE Safety Data Sheet English

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