In keeping with our mission of enhancing our customers’ success, Servicorp continually searches out our industry’s latest innovations.  These include environmental advances in product design, manufacturing, packaging, use and post-market handling, as well as green certification by Eco-Logo and Green Seal. Additional advances are found in continual improvements in waste elimination, use control and hygiene-related  ssues such as the “touch-free” washroom, and training programs.

These achievements are realized through the support of our customers, supplier partnerships, our Servicorp team’s never yielding commitment to reach higher, and membership and participation in our industry’s leading associations. Namely, we are proud members of:

  • CSSA – Canadian Sanitation Supply Association
  • ISSA – International Sanitation Supply Association
  • SMA – Strategic Market Alliance - supply chain management and industry training

Our affiliation with these respected organizations has, and continues to, provide Servicorp with invaluable resources in terms of product and educational innovations. We, in turn, have the honor of sharing the best our industry has to offer with our valued customers.