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Foam Hand Sanitizer


INVISIBLE PROBLEM Germs and bacteria that cause common illnesses are invisible to the naked eye. In a busy working environment these germs and bacteria can quickly and easily spread. Studies show good hand hygiene practices can reduce illness, absenteeism and associated costs by up to 50%. INSTANT SOLUTION Infection control is in your hands with Deb InstantFOAM™ alcohol hand sanitizer - killing more than 99.999% of many germs and bacteria that cause common illnesses. Deb InstantFOAM™ utilizes the power of Deb Foam Technology®. With no sticky gelling agents or water required, this unique and refreshing foam formula sanitizes hands quickly and effectively.

Deb InstantFOAM

- Highly effective instant sanitizing action

- Contains 72% Ethyl Alcohol - Kills more than 99.999% of many common germs in just 15 seconds

- Non-Aerosol, Fast Breaking Foam

- No water required - can be used anywhere

- Available in a range of sizes for use in different working environments

- Pleasant to use - no gelling agents or polymers that leave a sticky residue on hands

- Built-in skin conditioners leave hands feeling soft and smooth

Approved by:

Health Canada NPN 80002518

Pack Sizes available:

1L Cartridge

400 mL Bottle with Pump

250 mL Bottle with Pump

47 mL Bottle with Pump