A new initiative featuring SERVICORP Select Green Product

We’ll help you…

  • Learn about the dangers of some commonly-used cleaning products
  • Identify your exposure/risk to products in your closet
  • Learn how some paper-making processes harm the environment and some are eco-friendly
  • Implement an environmentally-friendly program that suits your needs

Green fact 1. 

SERVICORP Select  Green products do out-perform traditional non-environmentally-friendly products!

We realize that you have a job to do, so there’s no need to choose between being green and getting the job done.
Our Select Buckeye, Safeblend and Innu-Science cleaners represent the state-of-the-art technology in cleaning performance,
and are all independently evaluated and certified by environmental and performance standards.

Green fact 2.

SERVICORP Select  Green products do reduce costs and save money!

Our Select cleaners feature dilution rates as high as 1:512, and our Select paper systems reduce consumption.
Both result in less product being used – less waste in the environment and more savings for you!

Green fact 3.

SERVICORP Select  Green products are safer for the user and for the environment!

We care a great deal about the environment, but even more about you!  All Select  products were created to
exacting green standards and to  provide the ultimate in safety for you, the user, and those you work with.

Green fact 4.

There are different shades of green.  SERVICORP Select  Green products come to you with the highest level of certification!

Why settle for less?  All Select cleaning and floor care products are Green Seal or Environmental Choice certified.
All Select paper products are Environmental Choice certified, having been approved for recycled and post-consumer content,
elemental and process chlorine-free manufacturing processes, and energy consumption and emissions, among other factors.